On lance notre première COLLAB !

We are launching our very first collab!

We start with Von Bikräv, DJ and producer from PAris, member of Casual Gabberz crew!!

Head of the electronic independant scene, le petit prince du Frapcore is everywhere!

Mixing gabber and hiphop, he’s very active as a DJ and producer, remixing artists such as Niska, Alkpote or Jul!

As a long time friend from our team, it was clear that we woul collaborate. After several tests, our choice came to an Orangelo indor genetic with magnificent buds… a Premium product which will leave you a sweet taste in the mouth!

BIBI BUD was born.

To celebrate this collab, an exclusive Mixtape from Frapcore to Early Hardcore will be available with your purchase.

As Von Bikräv and WIDL has the same ethic, we stay on a very low price for such a premium product…


CBD : 3.7%
THC : -0.2%

9,00 /gr

Out of stock

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